My Singing Debut in the Bahamas

My Singing Debut in the Bahamas

During a recent trip to the Bahamas I had the surprise invitation to take the stage. What you may not know about me is that I love to sing. In fact, I have been a choir director several times over the years and I’m the official wedding singer for friends and family.
On this particular evening, I was enjoying the live music in the lounge at the Atlantis Resort. The gentleman crooner came over to me and my bestie and I complimented him on his nice falsetto.
My bestie laughed and said she didn’t even know what a falsetto was. The gentleman immediately picked up on the fact that I knew something about music and he asked me if I sang.
Do I sing? Of course I do!— I said in my head. “I sing…a little” is what came out of my mouth.
He then proceeded to ask me if I wanted to join him on his next set and sing a song!
What?? My heart started to pound a bit with nervous excitement. My sister-friend was egging me on—“Come on, Malaika! You sing ALL the time! You have to do this!


Then came the excuses…
I have a cold
My voice isn’t at it’s best
What am I going to sing?
What if I mess up?


At that moment and with my friend’s encouragement, I said Screw it! I’m in the Bahamas—nobody knows me anyway.
So, I did a little Youtube research.
I picked a song by a male artist because my voice was scratchy.
A few moments later, I was on stage, singing Marvin Gaye’s “Let’s Get it On.”
It was great to overcome the little bit of feat that tried to stop me from taking action.
But I always say face your fears because there is great reward on the other side.
So, my wellness warriors, don’t be afraid to take action and face your fears.


Click on this link for a great motivational video about hesitation and fear. You will also learn steps you can take to face your fears head-on. Stay on the path to achieving your goals!


Take care,
Dr. Malaika “grabbing-fear-by-the-horns” Woods

My Video Message to You About Breast Cancer

My Video Message to You About Breast Cancer

Hello friends,

This is a video I recorded about Breast Cancer Awareness.

Don't just focus on family history. There's so much more to consider.

Watch the video to learn about other risk factors you need to know about.

Tag and share this video with every woman you know. You can also see this video posted today on our facebook page.

Hope you find this helpful,
Malaika Woods, MD, MPH
Medical Doctor and Healthy Lifestyle Strategist
P.S. I recorded this video last year. I'm re-posting it everywhere I can because I believe this message is so important. Please forward this email to someone who needs to hear it.
P.P.S. If you want to see the dancing I referred to, visit our Facebook page and scroll through the old videos :)

My 51 Day Exercise Streak…How I Did it and You Can Too!

My 51 Day Exercise Streak...How I Did it and You Can Too!

51 Days is the longest streak I've ever had of exercising every day. Truth be told, I am not one of those who lives/loves to work out (like some of my best buds). However, I know exercise is good for my heart, it helps me burn fat and it keeps my energy up. So, I put my time in.
At a great mastermind meeting a couple of months ago, I was challenged to quit with my excuses and take a small step every day toward my goal. One of the goals I set was to do the Whole 30 and I decided I would exercise every day of the Whole 30.
I'm sharing this story with you because there were 4 Simple Steps I took to stay committed and you can do this too!
Your goal doesn't have to be exercise. This will work for any behavior you are trying to change.


1. Choose a simple, achievable goal(s). I chose The Whole 30 and to exercise daily. The Whole 30 is a pretty basic paleo plan except it also excludes all grains and all added sugar. It was similar to how I was already eating, so it wasn't a big stretch*. Exercising daily was also simple in the sense that I would do at least 20 minutes of walking every day. Some days it was treadmill, elliptical, yoga inferno...but minimum, walking.


*If you are making a drastic change to your diet, don't be discouraged. You make the goal simple and achievable by preparing. Either you meal prep or let someone do it for you (i.e. prepared meal services).


2. Make a Public Declaration. I made my declaration to my husband, children, friends and my staff. They all knew that I was eating a certain way and planning to exercise every day.


3. Find a Buddy. My friend did the Whole 30 with me. So we were always checking in with each other--encouraging one another to stay on track.


4. Keep Track. A few months ago, I was introduced to an app called "The Habit List" . This simple little app will allow you choose a few habits that you intend to do each day. You check off your habits as you complete them. You also get to see your streak, or how many days in a row you have completed that task. It is rather addictive, espcially for you all that like to compete with friends or yourself! I got up to 51 days in a row of exercising!


And here's the kicker, if you miss a day, it rolls back to -1 (that's right, negative 1)! Oh boy, that was painful to see that -1 in Red on the day I missed my exercise (while traveling)! I am back on track again and looking to surpass my last streak.
So, if you are working on changing something in your life, I dare you to try these four simple steps.
Make your declaration. Email me and let me know what goal you have set for yourself.
You can do this!
Dr. Malaika “I-am-my-own-fiercest-competitor” Woods
Medical Doctor and Healthy Lifestyle Strategist