Frequently Asked Questions

At your initial consultation you will be given an opportunity to discuss your personal health goals with a functional medicine provider. This will be an opportunity for you and our staff to identify if you are a good candidate for our services.

The initial consultation is $400.

Expect the consultation to last for 45-60 minutes. If you are a good candidate for our care we will go over the test kits and some paperwork to get you started. This will be an addition 15-30 minutes. We value your time and do our best to provide a timely service.

We do not accept insurance or Medicare for our consulting services. Your unique health concerns require special attention and time that is not covered by insurance companies.

We do not encourage a-la-carte testing because this goes against the paradigm of functional medicine. If we are going to address the root cause of your health issues, we will need to take a more comprehensive approach. We prefer to work with patients who are committed to achieving sustaining results via one of our programs.

Functional lab testing is usually not covered by most insurance providers.

We accept, cash, check, Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

Yes, we offer patient financing through Care Credit.

Visit www.carecredit.com to apply.

Yes. Please check with your HR department to be sure.

Our office hours are
Monday – Wednesday 9:00 AM-4:00 PM
Thursday 10:00 AM-5:00 PM
Closed for lunch

Yes, we do not provide acute care services and we do not replace the services that your current medical team provides. We provide a stand-alone service.

Yes, you will work with a team of experts to help you accomplish your health goals.

  • An all-inclusive service that covers your clinical consulting and coaching over a 6-month period
  • An in depth review of the 6 DWW building blocks that make up your health
  • A medical case review and personalized program that is built around your unique history and needs
  • Up to 6 appointments
  • Direct Clinician access via secure messaging in between appointments
  • Personalized lab result video summary and PDF of your lab work
  • Personalized supplement schedule
  • Personalized lifestyle schedule
  • Personalized program binder
  • Meal planning, recipes and menu
  • Access to direct pricing on lab test kits which can save you up to 50-80% on testing

This program is for anyone looking to optimize their health. The only time a person is not qualified is if their health is too far-gone or their condition requires urgent medical attention. If a client is not motivated, engaged and willing to take the steps necessary to get healthy, they would not be a good candidate.

By joining our essentials program you have access to direct pricing on lab test kits, which ensure you pay the lowest price possible. On average, you should budget between $500-$1000 for functional labs.

Our programs and functional lab testing are typically not covered by insurance.

Yes, your first appointment is one of your six appointments. We apply your payment to the total cost of the program and therefore you are paying into the program when you schedule your first appointment.

Yes. We recommend that your first appointment is done in person so we can meet with you and make sure we’re a good fit for each other. If that’s not possible, depending on your geographic location, we can do your appointment on the phone by video conference so we can be more engaged and help you along the process.

During your second appointment you will receive guidance on food choices, recipes and menu planning. We will also cover lifestyle coaching and consulting so you’ll walk away with actionable steps you can implement right away to get your health on the right track. Your third appointment will be with your clinician who will be overseeing your case, answering your questions and recording your lab result videos. This third appointment is designed to review your lab results.

If you are a self-starter and like to be independent it is not mandatory to use all appointments as you have direct clinician access. The program’s core value is in evaluating your history, building your clinical case, ordering the right testing, educating and designing a unique solution for you that addresses the six building blocks. Our goal is to empower you and guide you on the right path so you can use these strategies for the rest of your life. You are always welcome to use the remaining 3 appointments as needed to focus on your clinical, nutritional or coaching needs.

The lab testing is typically done at home. Blood work can be drawn in our office or at a lab draw station. Many of the tests have shipping included in the cost of the kits, if not you will be responsible for the shipping. You will get instructions in more detail on how to do the test kits and the kits come with clear instructions as well.

Once we have gotten you to a stable place you can follow up as needed. If you require additional support after your essentials program is complete you have the option to pay per visit at $300 per half hour appointment.

Call 816-888-5200 to set up an initial consultation to make sure you qualify and to verify whether our solution is viable for you. At the end of your initial appointment if you qualify, you will be entered into our essentials program and you will receive the functional lab test kits unique to your health concerns.