Our Philosophy

We are a team of Wellness Professionals. Whether you need Bioidentical Hormone replacement therapy, weight loss, hormone optimization, integrative and functional medicine, we are dedicated in our desire to help you achieve optimal wellness for life. At Dr. Woods wellness, we focus on restoring optimal Health for life. We believe the body is Divinely Designed and Food is Medicine. If we can learn to give the body the proper fuel it needs, the body can often heal itself. By using the principles of functional medicine, Dr. Woods and her team will help you discover the root cause of your illness, develop a plan specifically for you and partner with you on your journey to your best health. We believe most patients simply need education, more time with their provider and to understand we care about your overall wellbeing. We love what we do and we want to help you feel and look your best! Call today to schedule an appointment, 816-888-5200.


We start with the Ignite My Life Roadmap Session. During this consultation, we take a comprehensive assessment of your body and symptoms. Dr. Woods will review your intake form. The intake form is your chance to tell your story and finally be heard. It is 45 pages and the most comprehensive health history we have ever seen. After your Ignite My Life Roadmap Session. You will have a clear plan of what specialty testing you need in order to uncover the root cause of your illness. You’re not like everyone else and your health goals should be specific to your priorities; bearing in mind your unique physical, nutritional and mental needs.


We gently coach you each step of the way, combining proven, creative and sensitive solutions to ensure success month after month. During your appointments, we’ll analyze your progress and help retrain your mind for a lifestyle of optimal wellness.


When you’ve reached your wellness goal, we help you understand how to apply your new lifestyle for long-term success. We remain your ongoing partners for lifelong optimal health. We will be here whenever you need us.