Weight Management

We help you identify the unhelpful thought processes that often sabotage weight loss efforts. We address these through consultation and identification of common barriers to weight loss efforts. Setting small, achievable goals and monitoring your progress are also key components to your success.

You need a program geared toward your individual needs and goals.

Dr. Woods’ Wellness Program Includes:

  • personalized dietary counseling
  • body composition analyses
  • all natural supplements
  • prescription medication as needed

The Dr. Woods’ Wellness program brings a personal and compassionate approach to weight loss. Dr. Woods has been practicing weight loss management since 2011. She is board certified in Bariatric (non-surgical weight loss) Medicine and has a master’s degree in Public Health with an emphasis on behavior change.

Achieving and maintaining a healthy weight is possible for you. Our unique, proven approach will provide you with the resources, tools and encouragement you need for success.

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