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Hormonal Imbalance

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Does this sound like you?

You’ve worked hard to get where you are. You’re smart, respected and still have plenty of life ahead.


But you just don’t feel as good as you know you could. Perhaps you are dragging through the day, sometimes even starting the day tired. Your may find you are nervous or irritable and you are forgetting things you should remember.


These symptoms can be a result of the natural aging process. Other common symptoms are:

  • lack of energy in your sex life
  • a growing paunch around your middle
  • decreased strength
  • The good news is that even with aging, there’s hope ahead and it’s much easier than you may think. You can renew your vigor through Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT).

Many people have enjoyed the following results from HRT:

  • increased energy levels
  • improved sleeping
  • better, more stable moods
  • mental focus & clarity
  • improved sex desire and function
  • healthy weight
  • increased muscle mass


Bioidentical hormone pellets are a safe, effective way of replacing natural hormones that are diminished from aging or other health reasons. Pellet therapy responds only when your body needs it and has helped many men and women regain their quality of life.

"The experience has been great. Before the treatment, I felt like I was walking around in a fog. I had difficulty concentrating and even remembering some simple things. Sex had become painful and undesirable. Not any more! I haven’t had any side effects. I’ve been incredibly happy with the results and would highly recommend it."

– Patient

Bioidentical hormones have the same molecular and chemical structure as the hormones naturally made in human bodies. With this exact match delivered through a steady release provided through pellets, you avoid many of the risks involved with conventional or synthetic hormone replacement therapy.


One treatment lasts up to three months. No creams, no pills, no muss or fuss. Just energy, joy and clear thinking.


There is one warning: once you’ve experienced the resurgence in youthful energy and clarity, you will probably start having a lot more fun! Are you ready to work smarter and play harder?

5 star rating

I came in for a normal yearly exam and explained to Dr. Woods my continued symptoms of hypothyroidism along with exhaustion, mental fogginess and anxiety. After a full blood work-up, I began taking medication for my thyroid, progesterone and testosterone. After just one month I’ve lost 10 pounds. I’ve also been sleeping better and my energy is increasing daily. I’m a walking example of how well the Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy works.


I’ve spent years perfecting my diet and vigorously exercising and couldn’t get my body weight to budge. I am so happy with my results.


It has brought me so much peace of mind, knowing that the issue was a hormone imbalance all along. I recommend Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy to all my friends.


Thank you Dr. Woods!"

– Patient

When I first came to see Dr. Woods I was dealing with a laundry list of symptoms that made each day a struggle. My symptoms ranged from:

  • Severe joint pain
  • Mental dullness and lack of concentration
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Very moody; not myself
  • Low sex drive
  • Over-all feeling of disappointment in how I felt each day and what my quality (lack thereof) of life had become


Since following Dr. Woods suggestions of healthy supplements combined with healthy hormone prescriptions:

  • I am now nearly pain free
  • I am able to exercise again
  • I now have regained my positive mental acuity
  • My skin and hair look great
  • I’m sleeping better and even enjoying sex again.


With Dr. Woods help I feel so hopeful about turning 55 and I am feeling so alive!"

– Patient


I am a 51 year old male.  I exercise regularly with high intensity and maintain a “fairly” healthy diet.  My exercise routine includes running 2-3 5K runs a week, lifting 2-3 times a week and working out to one of Shawn T’s “Insanity” workouts 1-2 times a week.  In the last 18 months I noticed a decrease in muscle mass, decrease in stamina, extreme fatigue, and lower sex drive.


My wife suggested seeing Dr. Woods to have my testosterone and other hormone levels checked.  The results showed my testosterone level was low.  Dr. Woods suggested the Testosterone Pellet implant procedure.  The procedure was painless.  The worst part was not being able to work out for one week.


It has been approximately one month since I have had the procedure.  My sex drive has increased dramatically.  I am running faster and with more energy to finish.  My wife and friends with whom I work out have commented that my muscle mass has increased, and I feel great after working out.  When I’m not doing projects around the house/yard I don’t get as tired or “run out of energy” like I did before getting the pellet implants.


If you have “Low-T” you should consider the Testosterone Pellet Implant procedure offered by Dr. Woods.  Dr. Woods can provide you with a personal consult to see if the procedure is right for you.  It was right for me and I’m enjoying life more because of it. "

– Patient

I am a 54 year old woman who is currently in menopause.  I had heard horror stories about this time of life and dreaded with unanswered anticipation what it would bring.  For the past 4 years my libido had been dwindling to the point where sex wasn’t even a thought I wanted to entertain.  Looking at it now since being on Hormone Replacement Therapy with the pellets, I think how sad that my husband and I had to endure that big of a loss for so many years.  When we did have sex, it was uncomfortable for me due to vaginal dryness.  Sex is such an important part of marriage, thank goodness I have a very understanding husband.


I truly believe the physical intimacy that sex provides is so vital to men, just as emotional intimacy is vital to women.  I talked with a dear friend who had been doing the pellets for 9 yrs. and said she feels like a completely different person.  Her sex life not only improved, she felt increased energy, elasticity was back in her skin, and mentally she was doing so well she was able to come off her anti-depressants.


I visited with both my OBGYN and family doctor regarding the pellets and they both were fine with it.  In face my OBGYN gave me the name of Dr. Woods. I made my appt., did the blood work, went through a consultation with Dr. Woods and we proceeded.


Like my friend, I feel like a new woman.  I noticed increased energy, wonderful increased libido, no more vaginal dryness.  I am sleeping better, my thoughts racing in my head no longer keep me awake tossing and turning.  And I don’t feel the mood swings and anxiousness that I once struggled with.  I highly recommend the Hormone Replacement Pellets.

– Christine S.

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